We believe that our people make the company, therefore our future success depends on the capacities of our people. We have an impressive team of local and international experts to offer in-depth training and consultancy services. Our team members possess huge industry experiences and insights in their relevant fields.

We are focused on our works to deliver the best we do and we can in a professional manner driven by strong belief in our company’s purpose, values and principles.

Our Purpose

iBEST is dedicated towards improving the lives of our customers and communities around us and beyond through our excellence learning experience driven by research.

Our Values

We believe that a company makes people and its people completes the company. A company and people are inseparable! At iBEST, we believe our company is what values our people uphold and live by them. We make efforts to recruit the best talents, who believe in our values.

integrity: We strive to do the right thing in an honest and straightforward manner within the premise of law. More than that, everything we do in in congruent with human values.

Being Bold: We believe that being bold with our ideas and innovations is cornerstone of our success. We foster every team member as a leader guided by deep sense of commitment and responsibility. We dare each member has an absolute leadership in his/her own areas of work and expertise.

Empathy: The foundation of our communication is driven by empathy. We care to connect and build genuineness within ourselves and with our clients in what we say and what we do. We embrace openness to understand wholly before we do work for our clients and within ourselves. We adapt, build on the strengths around our customers, and relate to their environment.

Socially Responsible: Our strong belief is that everything is interconnected and interdependent. We function and operate more than a mere business. As a company and individual member we invest and dedicate our time and resources to go beyond our daily business operations. We help in our small ways and contribute towards meaningful development and value creation in communities and people around us.

Trust: We emphasize on trust- being trusted and being trustworthy- which is essence of our company to assess our success. Trust is the biggest intangible asset, which we  value above everything! Our sheer commitment to hold ourselves accountable, being transparent with high sense of ownership and belongingness is driven by leadership in all our spheres of life.


Our Principles

  • Our Principles are our code of conduct and practices that would should lead us to overall achievement of our Purpose and Values.
  • Showing respect for all individuals
  • Being focused in our work
  • We love what we do
  • Our communication is open
  • We value innovation
  • Being a leader in all spheres of life
  • We strive for excellence
  • We don’t compromise quality
  • We appreciate great work

Our Mission

To empower an individual, a community and an organization through our relevant skills development programs

  • Create enterprises and nurture entrepreneurs
  • Contribute towards employment generation
  • Develop and improve rural economy
  • Foster knowledge creation and development
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